The right tool for your
spoken study notes.

BrainTape is a study tool that uses note taking as a starting point
to help students achieve their learning goals.

Read, record, repeat.

As long as you have your study material, let note-taking be like a breeze with BrainTape.
Record a note you want to remember. Rephrase it.

Organise it and attach visuals.

Categorize, title, and prioritize your spoken notes to easily find them later. Folders, headings, pairs.

Listen to your very own study podcast.

While you’re at home doing chores, in the gym or riding a bike. Generate a random quiz to raise your exam preparedness to the next level.

Benefits of using BrainTape

The study tool for multimodal learners, powered by your voice. One more reason to adopt good note taking habits or a great addition to your existing note taking habits. BrainTape is here to keep all your thoughts in their original form so you can make the most out of it.

Effortless & fast

No pen, no paper, just you and your voice. Speaking can be more than three times faster than typing, and more than six times faster than writing.

Increase memory retention

Reading aloud or speaking when learning is beneficial for long-term memory according to a study from the University of Waterloo.


BrainTape Center helps you find new ways to study and utilise you spoken notes.

Track progress

BrainTape lets you monitor your own progress to direct your efforts into areas in which you need more work.

BrainTape Center

If you keep learning new things constantly, why not change how you do it or have the option to. BrainTape Center is a source of inspiration for every student user. 

Quality learning

Learning is challenging. Actively engaging in cognitively demanding activities can help you boost the strength of your brain “muscle”.

Save For Later

Save which study method is most relevant for you and gain value in the study process. This way, you know where to go when you are just about to start your learning with BrainTape.

Relevant Advice and Content

Find relevant tips, advice, how-tos and more. There are plenty of possibilities with BrainTape.

Meet our Team Members

We are a team of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences that are passionate to make impact and enable best possible learning outcomes for all students.

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